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Tag: loneliness

Notes From a Pandemic: May 2nd, 2020

Greetings, dear friends of the present and curious citizens of the future. Since I know a few of my readers will be eager for news, I’ll start today with a quick update on Charlie’s situation. (For background, please see last week’s journal.) I’m pleased to report that Charlie and his partner arrived in Humboldt after [...]

Quotes 12-9-2015

“The picture he conjured now came back with special vividness, as if it had been cleansed of all dust by last night’s rain. Unease and expectation and fear scattered to the farthest corners of the spacious classroom, and hid themselves in the room’s many objects like cowardly little animals. Tengo was able to re-create the [...]

Quote 11-11-2015

“This is indeed a profoundly lonely Cosmos. In it, the loneliness of this mountaintop moonrise takes on depths beyond the usual sense of being a self isolated from others, for I am most essentially an emptiness that is separate from all that I typically think of as my identity. It is loneliness in this sense [...]