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Tag: magic

Review: Ilona Andrews’s “Iron and Magic”

After falling in love with the Kate Daniels series back in 2016, I was excited to learn that Ilona Andrews had released the first installment of a spin-off trilogy set in the same world. And while Iron and Magic is a fun visit to one of my favorite fantasy destinations, it doesn’t pack the same punch as [...]

Review: Ilona Andrews’s “Magic Strikes”

Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels series is a gift that keeps on giving. After thoroughly enjoying the first two books, my delight continued right up to the final page of the third installment, Magic Strikes. The seductive nature of this world and its characters springs from Andrews’s near-perfect balance between novelty and familiarity. The story continues [...]

Review: Ilona Andrews’s “Magic Bites”

Urban fantasy novels are not my usual cup of tea; in fact, they’re not even my unusual cup of tea. Ilona Andrews’s Magic Bites departs from my typical reading in too many ways to count, but my wife loves this series so dearly that I had to give it a shot. And what a pleasant surprise! This book––the [...]